Brett Favre Book

Forward from Brett Favre

All I ever wanted was a chance and Coach Mark McHale gave it to me. For that, I am grateful. Had Coach McHale not wandered by an out-of-the-way high school football field in Kiln, Mississippi, I probably never would have had a career in the NFL.

My story is on of perseverance. Not just mine, but Coach McHale's. He could have quit recruiting me at anytime and no one would have blamed him. I was the final player offered a scholarship by the University of Southern Mississippi and then only when another player declined USM's offer. No one would have missed me. But Coach McHale didn't quit.

That Coach McHale has put this story in book form is amazingly gratifying. If it inspires another youngster to strive to fulfill a dream, then it will be a success. It can't be anything, but a success.

-Brett Favre